July 1, 2009


Pilot briefing has been delayed today until 10:30 because of the uncertain weather. At the team captains' briefing this morning we received a stern talk about aggressive thermalling and tight final glides over the 15-30 metre high Finnish grass. Contest Director Silve explained 15-30metre high grass in Finland is what we would call forest.

Weatherman Janne explained that although the models did not predict soaring possibilities the holes in the top cover suggested we may have a chance to fly. The task delivered at the grid for Club Class is a 2.5 hr AAT nominal 268km, min 175 and max 375. Chris and Nathan KS started at 14:13 from the top of a gaggle after debating the merits of being first to start. Last transmissions suggested conditions were not as bad as they seemed at launch time. It is sunny and warm and we might just get time for a dip in the lake before the anticipated finishes around 17:00.

The terrace at Café 26

Last minute makeup!!???

The long grind to start altitude

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