July 2, 2009

No tourists and no postcards

For those of you readers who are expecting a postcard from us, you will likely be disappointed. We are not in a tourist area, so there seems to be a lack of postcards. I’ve asked about postcards, but I have not found a local source. As there has been flying almost every day, we have not had the opportunity to go to a larger town or to a coastal resort that would have postcards.

We have not seen many foreign licence plates on the cars on the roads (of course excepting those at the gliding field). There are cottages to rent around here, but it seems that it is Finnish people who normally visit this area as our cottage only has instructions in Finnish – usually you find English instructions when you travel. We have found TV programs in English (with Finnish sub-titles) so we can watch something when we arrived home tired. Fishing from the dock by our cottage is better than the TV – we have not caught anything else yet – we probably need to go out in the boat again. It is pleasant to stand on the dock dipping the line, enjoying the scenery and watching the sun trying to set in the never-ending daylight.

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