November 10, 2008

Kangaroo Sighting

Since I got to Australia I have been waiting to see a kangaroo in the flesh. I wanted to see a wild kangaroo as opposed to one in captivity. The locals told me that there are usually some that graze around the golf course on the other side of town. Although its not really a wild habitat I thought this would be good enough. They also tell me that some come on the airport and it is common to see them as roadkill on the main highway next to the golf club. Since it is still very quiet at the airport I hopped on my bike and went over there. I went down a side road and didn't see a thing. As soon as I turned around and headed back up the road I saw the two in the photograph. They didn't move at all and I had plenty of time to get out my camera and snap a picture. I had just bought this digital camera last week for 70 aussie dollars (57 canadian). It did a nice job.

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