November 30, 2008

To the Rock in the Mossie

Today I did my first cross-country flight here in Benalla. It was also my first flight in the Mosquito and first flight using flaps. The Rock is 173km away and regularly used by the locals for their gold distance and diamond goal. It is in the picture above. The lift was quite good most of the time with cloudbase starting at 5000ft and getting up to 7000ft at The Rock. There were some tough spots as well but I never got below 2500ft above ground. It was a good start and I was happy to get in some practice before the Junior Nationals next week. The flight scored 413km and is posted on the OLC here


Dave Springford said...

Nice Flight Chris,

Pat Templeton and I spent some time about 1000 ft above the rock on our way home from a 600 km out and return from Corowa. The conditions became even worse south of the Rock and we scraped home on 1 kt lift. Sometimes its good that we fly in the weak stuff here at home!

Anonymous said...

Awsome Chris! I am impressed with your choice of glider for your first XC down under! Keep the wings clean and you'll have no trouble beating those pesky LS-8s!



Anonymous said...

Nice flight Chris - keep 'em coming.

Terry Mc Elligott