December 8, 2008

JoeyGlide Day 1

Sorry for not posting anything about the contest but the internet has been down for the past week. The contest organizers have had problems getting weather among other things. I had a rough day 1 of the contest. I pulled out to the grid nice and early then discovered water dripping out of the gear doors. The cockpit was slowly filling with water so I had to dump all my water. The contest director said I could adjust my handicap by 2 points but it didn't matter much for the day because I lawn darted 30km from the start. Three of the locals came to pick me up with beer in hand. On the way back from the retrieve without notice and without incident the tread tore off one of the tires. We discovered it when we got back and threw the spare on. I then rigged the glider and put it in the hanger and started getting the water out of the cockpit. The glider had been previously repaired and the drain whole was fiberglassed over so one of the guys drilled a new hole in the bottom of the fuselage and I dried it all out. I was a bit down about the flight but I was glad that I got everything sorted out and it wasn't any worse, which it definately could have been.

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