December 8, 2008

JoeyGlide Day 2

Today was much better although I think I would have really benefited from having water ballast. It was blue like yesterday but higher convection and less wind. The task was an AAT with Walbundrie to the north east with a 30km circle, Yarrawonga to the south west with a 30km circle and then Glenrowan to the east with a 15km circle. I went deep into the first circle and just needed to minimize the other cylinders to get back home on time. I came fifth for the day behind four guys with water. It is going to be tough to beat these guys dry even with the 2 points I was given on my handicap. I was quite impressed with the first place finishers speed, Nathan Johnson. He will be flying in the worlds in Finland and I had a chance to fly with him a bit today. He won yesterday as well and seems to fly quite consistently.
I have had trouble adjusting to this aussie weather. It would have been nice to get in a few more flights before the comp. The thermals can be very strong but so is the sink. The interthermal speeds I had been flying in Canada don`t work here and I haven`t quite figured out exactly what I need here. I was happy with the day though and I think I should be able to move myself up some more places from here.
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