December 10, 2008

JoeyGlide Day 3

Today was blue again but we flew an assigned task. It was tough in the start gate but as soon as I went through, it got much better. I flew with two pilots Adam Henderson in a 304c and Eric Stauss in a Hornet for most of the flight. There was also a Duo Discus flying with us for a while which had a coach and coachee in it. I felt much more confident about my thermaling. It was very easy to lose the core in the thermals but I think I did a good job of finding it again. We got a few cu's on the last leg but we were also into wind. About 80km from the finish Eric and I were still together and he had gotten in front. He went off to a grass fire off course that I thought looked good. I decided to stay on course and see if he turned in it. He did not so I kept going to the sunny side of the ridge that was just ahead. With some searching I found a good climb to get home. The final glide was a bit marginal and I hit some strong sink on the way back. I took a couple of turns in a thermal but in hindsight I probably did not need to. Task speed was 91km/h.
Day 3 Results


Anonymous said...

Congratulations on winning the day. We watched you on the Spot tracker - thank goodness we are night owls!


Anonymous said...

Good going Chris! Keep it up and have fun.

Dave Springford said...

Way to go Chris! Keep kicking Aussie Butt!