June 24, 2009


The opening ceremony was very short and sweet and covered all that was necessary. At briefing we were treated to a great piece of video by a young man called Hubi, the final frame wished all a warm welcome to Räyskälä and was greeted by thunderous applause and praise from the contest director. There is probably a link but I don't have time to find it just now, I have to attend a Team Captain's meeting in a few minutes, more later. Here's the link http://vimeo.com/5301938.

The task today is 531km


Chris has been underway about an hour and the tracker has him in the area of the first turnpoint.

The task looked a little ambitious at launch time but conditions seem to have improved and we are hopeful the day will not end in retrieve.

The grid from our position 111 near the back.

From the tracker we can see Chris is round the second turnpoint and about 300+ km into the task, progress to date would indicate a finish between 19:00 and 20:00, sky does not look too bad in the area they are flying.

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