June 23, 2009

Practice Day 2

Today we had a task of 261km. Nathan and I flew together today again and managed to stay together for the whole flight. We also had a Swiss pilot named Matthais join us also flying an LS-4, N4. The second leg was blue and it was nice to have some company going through the hole. N4 got above us going into the last turnpoint but Nathan and I took a better path home and beat him back. I flew 108km/h. Tomorrow the real deal starts. I am glad I have had the time to prepare the glider and had a chance to get used to the Finnish conditions.

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Tony Burton said...


Being a newbie to tracking, it's not clear to me when/what to do exactly to bring up the flight??
Clicking on the Google Earth link on the results page as directed just brings up the Google Earth home page.