June 18, 2009

Last Day Jannen Kisat

The first four days of this regional type contest were cancelled due to rain or unsoarable conditions, but the last two days have produced very nice looking skies. The competing ships vary from a Twin Astir to a two seat Nimbus. Yesterday was a 327km zig zag, Chris experienced battery problems we think it was the battery fuse, we should be able to tell if our diagnosis was correct after today's flight. The task is a 345km flat triangle. At time of writing Chris is at the last turnpoint with a number of other gliders approaching and leaving the turnpoint so he should have company for the ride home. I expect him within the hour. Some of the competitors have been issued with Spot Messengers and Chris has his own so we are able to keep track of him during the task.

The next two days promise more rain so we will be into the Main event practise period before we see any more flying.

1 comment:

Jay Allardyce said...

Hi Andy and Chris,

Glad to hear you are both having fun!

Do you think you could post the link to Chris' spot shared page so we could watch his progress?

Take Care and Have Fun,