June 23, 2009

Last Practice day

The last few days have produced picture perfect weather and the cold wintery conditions have been shunted aside. Thick coats have been exchanged for Tshirts and shorts and everybody is enjoying the sun. We were unable to post the task yesterday as Lynne and I had to make the trip into Hämeenlinna to buy batteries for us and the Dutch team. We finally figured one of our batteries could not hold a charge and that this had been the problem all along. Chris had a nice flight yesterday and today a short task has been set, he is about 50km out just past the first turnpoint. Spot tracking is accessed from the top left corner of the JWC2009 results page http://www.jwgc2009.fi/results.php

Google Earth http://www.spot-tracking.com/files/jwtracking.kml

GoogleMaps http://www.spot-tracking.com/files/jwtracking.htm

Tracking does not work in Windows Explorer you will need to download a copy of Mozilla Firefox to view the tracking.

The opening day task we have been warned will likely be a long one with grid opening at 8:00am and tasks ready for pick up at 8:30. There will be a short opening ceremony before briefing tomorrow morning and launching is planned for 11:00.

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