June 23, 2009

Practice Day 1

We had the first practice day yesterday and a 357km assigned task was called. I started out with Nathan Johnson, an Australian I met while I was there in the winter. We are both flying LS-4's so we are going to team fly as best we can. I got about 1000ft higher than him after the first leg so we split up shortly after the first turnpoint. I flew with a gaggle of French, Austrian, Czech, Lithuanians among others and eventually got ahead of them. Going into the second turnpoint I met back up with Nathan who must have had a real good run. We flew together on the third leg until I again gained a good bit of height on him. I was ahead of everybody at that point and did not see anyone until I landed. I was the first home and the flight felt good. I came in 7th for the day and had the second best unhandicapped speed. A few of the big teams did not put in scores. The winner flew at 105km/h in an LS-1f. Today we should have a task again but I have my official weighing at 11am so I will not be able to make grid time. I will take a launch later but will probably take it easy to rest up for the first official day.

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