June 25, 2009

Day 2

The organizers decided to give us a shorter task today. Just 480km. I started late with Nathan and the Swiss Ls-4 Matthias. I got above them on the first leg and then met up with the German standard class pilots. We flew together to the first turnpoint since it was the same for both of us. after that I tried to catch the gaggle of club class gliders ahead of me. Then I met the German standard class pilots again on the second leg. I piggy-backed them until I caught up with the big gaggle at the second turnpoint. From then on it was gaggle flying until I got home. The standard class task went once more through our task and I met up with my friend Andrew Maddocks, the Australian who finished second in standard. On final glide I managed to push in front of two of the French and a Swede flying a Discus. There should be some nice photos of us finishing over the lake.

1 comment:

Dave Springford said...

Good flying Chris!

The conditions must be quite nice to be racking up 100 + km.hr speeds without water.

Keep it up.