June 28, 2009

DAY5 Contest DAY4

We spent the rest day back at the cabin and enjoyed a BBQ with the Australian team. It was nice to have the time to relax over our evening meal and not have to scramble for bed to get the 7-8hours sleep needed for the long days at the airfield. The weather is bright and sunny again today, however at the scheduled 11:15 first launch time the sniffers were barely able to maintain 400Metres. The original 4 hour AAT task was dialed back to 3.5hours with a 1.50 hour start delay, it seemed a lot more like the contests we are used to at home. It is just before 14:00, a few wide spaced cu have formed and we are expecting a some starts any time now.

Sniffers at 11:00

At the front of the grid

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