June 26, 2009


They are off and running on a 359 km ride around the western edge of the Tampere military control zone. If the weather around the course is as good as it looks locally Chris's start time oat 14:32 should get him back around 18:00. Chris has been flying together with two other LS4 drivers Nathan Johnson KS from Australia and Matthias L├╝thi N4 from Switzerland. There are a number of other cross national alliances flying together to even their chances against the large European national teams. They have been starting later with the objective of catching up the lead gaggles to offset the large handicap of the LS4's. Still Chris's fastest speed on yesterday's task only netted him 14th place. Chris was in a group of pilots who received warnings for Finish hazardous manouver, I particularly remember Chris and another pilot on the list finishing and did not see anything that would suggest such a warning. A number of the team captains will be seeking further clarification of the infractions.

Briefing this morning was opened with another great piece of video from Hubertus W. Huvermann, view the videos from the Pics&Stories tab on the contest site. Hubi nearly made his last film today. I backed into him when leaving the grid and knocked him over. Fortunately he recovered quickly and assured me there was no lasting damage but I took him to the accident and first aid team to make sure.

Finishes today will be on the same runway but the contest director has ordered unofficial photographers to stay away. you will need toview the photos on Pics&Stories.

The tracking software has new links:

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Joerg said...

Absolutely fascinating!
As I am watching this, Chris is on the second last leg but a bit off course. Too bad the tracker doesn't show altitude. Happy racing, Chris!