June 30, 2009

Contest DAY6

Weather is uncertain today with possible cloud from the west and drying out to blue thermals in the east so the task is an AAT nominal 358km with minimum of 200 and a maximum of 524. The weatherman believes we will have flyable weather through to Saturday which would make this a ten day contest. If this holds true there is plenty more time for everyone to make mistakes and for those who have already made them to better their positions.

Yesterday Chris produced a result more consistent with first two contest days and the practice days. Out landings penalties, warnings and airspace incursions by other competitors contributed to his improved total standing.

The tasks took a long time getting started with the last launch in club class rolling at 13:16. Large gaggles drifting towards the start gate, standard class were dropping water in preparation for the big grind ahead. Earlier the sky was punctuated with the odd cumulus but now at 14:45 there is high cirrus cover and blue thermals to around 4,000 ft. It looks like it could be tough going.

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